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Wax Service

Brows                                        $20

Lips                                             $15

Chin                                           $20

Chest                                       $50+

Half Legs                                  $50

Arms                                       $45+

Ear                                              $15

Side Burns                               $20

Full Face                                   $65

Underarms                              $25

Back                                        $55+

Full Legs                                   $60

Nasal                                          $15



Removes only hair outside the panty line.

Modified Bikini



Removes hair from the top of the pant line down and 2-3 inches from the crease of your thigh (does not remove any labia hair).




Removes all hair in front, as well as labia hair. Optional landing strip or inverted triangle in the front.

Brazilian Maintenance


For returning clients within 4 weeks of a Brazilian Wax.

For Brazilian & Brazilian Maintenance waxing, please book during your mid-cycle (12-15 days following the FIRST DAY of your menstrual cycle). Waxing on or near your menstrual cycle can be more sensitive.

Prices are subject to change without notice

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